Pi Zero Setup

Initial Pi Zero Configuration Steps

I figured it would make sense to handle the configuration of the Pi Zero first as its going to be core of most of my chicken coop projects. There is always a bit of initial novelty when trying to figure out how to connect to a fresh Raspberry Pi device, especially in the case of the Pi Zero. Ultimately, I used the guide in a Github Gist titled “HowToOTGFast.md. Before I was able to ssh in to my recently setup Raspbian Jessie Lite OS, I made various combinations of the following mistakes:

  • Not realizing that the Zero can be powered over its Micro-USB port labeled “USB”; the OTG port.
  • Incorrectly thinking the OTG adapter was need to correct the Zero to my laptop in device mode.
It is awesome how tiny this thing is!

It is awesome how tiny this thing is!

After I stopped making things complicated, the steps boiled down to:
* Flash the Raspbian .img to a microSD card using: Raspberry PI SD Installer OS X.
* Setup config.txt and cmdline.txt per the Gist linked above.
* Plug one end of a vanilla USB cable into the Zero’s USB port, and one into the laptop.
* ssh pi@raspberrypi.local, default password: raspberry.

Ansible Playbook – “chicken-pi”

I ended up creating a small ansible playbook to help map out the configuration steps: github.com/futuernorn/chicken-pi.