Hardware Build – Part 1

When getting down to the actual assembly of the hardware elements of the project, I wanted to start with simply connecting all the components to get an idea of how things would be oriented. Since the project is going to be outside in the elements, there needs to be secure casing for all the electronics. Based on how things can be most easily arranged, I’ll be able to pick out an appropriate location for the various items.

Solar Charger

The charger came with a loose capacitor. So the first order of business was soldering that component on to the board:

Starting assembly...

Starting assembly…

I also attached the thermoresistor that is going to turn off charging when things get too hot outside, but I’m going to leave testing it until a bit later. I then soldered a 2-pin header to the load+ / ground pads next to the associated JST connector.


Pi Zero

To make connecting pins easier when exploring the setup, I soldered on 2×20 headers to the Pi Zero.

This is in no way attractive, but here is my first go at sketching things out in fritzing:
Fritzing Breadboard Mk I

* adafruit.com – Solar Charger Preparation